Grace Church Loftus


Easter 2020 - Why Did Jesus Die?

This Easter we will be facing many challenges - not least the global pandemic of the Covid-19 virus.  Times feel uncertain and fear is in the air.  In times of such turmoil it is good to remember how precious and fragile life is, but also to remember that God is sovereign.  Nothing takes God by surprise and he is able to meet us in our need.  So this Easter we will be lifting our eyes to Him and resting in his almighty power.  The greatest enemy to our souls is not a virus which can impact our physical health but sin - the disease of rebeliion against God, which is found in every single person and leads to eternal spiritual death.  But there is a cure!  Thanks be to God for the gift of His Son.  Jesus surrendered himself to the cross, so that you can receive forgiveness; follow him and spend eternity in His presence.  The cure is freely available to all.  Come and find out more.  This is Good News!